New at Craycombe Farm

This summer season at Craycombe Farm comes with some delightful changes. I have expanded my space at Stables Antiques, so in addition to finding the full range of Annie Sloan products, including fabric books, I have plenty of space to showcase some finished pieces both for inspiration and purchase. You will find a lot of  unique and handmade items featured on this site, but also a selection of vintage finds.  My latest venture is a range of plants, expertly grown by my friend Jeff Soulsby, who also supplies the National Trust in this area.

plants at Craycombe Farm

Lottie's Creative Living plant stand

In December, my pupil and friend Sue moved in with a beautiful selection of vintage linen, it’s an eclectic selection with pieces of all styles and ages and definitely worth a rummage!

Craycombe Farm now sports three antique shops, The Fisherman’s Emporium, which truly is almost a museum to fishing with cased catches and antique rods and floats, a top notch cafe and delicatessen. Tracy Harper ‘Curtain Design’ is the latest and very welcome addition, offering a thrilling collection of fabrics, curtain poles and accessories.

We are situated on the A44 between Worcester (M5) and Evesham. Do stop !

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