Have you spruced up your pots?

Last September I decided to experiment with painting terracotta pots with Annie Sloan’s chalk paint.  Because the paint breathes, it does not impede the  natural evaporation of the material and the plants do not become waterlogged as they would with an acrylic or oil-based finish. All the pots painted came through the prolonged frosty spell without a chip or a crack. Good news for the plants and good protection for the pots, the paint does not stay pristine and wears down over the season, so you’ll need to decide whether you like your pots ‘shabby chic ‘ or give them another lick of paint when the planting comes up for renewal.

annie sloan chalk painted urn

I have had this urn for many years and it is not even real plant table in Annie Sloan's old ochreterracotta, but cast concrete in a tone that has none of the mellowness of the real material. I used the dregs of a pot of Old White, added some water and washed on a thin layer of paint. The casual, aged white effect shows off really well against the brick wall.

This week I have been busy changing the display at Stables Antiques at Fladbury, adding a couple of gorgeous antique garden chairs and quite a bit of vintage china. Old Ochre is proving to be our best-selling Annie Sloan colour in Worcestershire and I have painted up this little table as a  huge colour sample. It’s for sale of course and you can find it in the painted furniture gallery on this website!

Hope you are all enjoying the fine weather and the great outdoors!

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